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An extraordinary and surprising place to visit

This week, I encourage you to visit your local bookstore or even better, a large bookstore that has hundreds and hundreds of books to offer.


A bookstore is a heavenly place for little ones; it's a place where characters, monsters, and creatures of all kinds can talk! As an adult, I can easily get lost in a bookstore for hours at a time. I sometimes dream about getting locked in a bookstore overnight! Oh what fun I would have!


Recently, in just a few hours spent at my favorite bookstore, I visited Paris, England, and Italy. I also had a long conversation with Cinderella (who seems to still be having trouble with her stepsisters) and another one with the Big Bad Wolf (who does seem to be getting wiser with time)!


However, the greatest discovery I made was without a doubt Emily Sands. Her writing provided me with the opportunity to explore Egypt. I ended up bringing her book Egyptology home and presenting it to my group. Every time I open this book, I feel as if Emily Sands is winking at me, proud of having piqued my curiosity.


My wish is that you make your own unique bookstore discoveries and let yourself be swept away by the happiness reading provides. Do not hesitate to share this extraordinary and surprising place with the children in your group. You won't regret it!


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