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Bunnies in your reading corner

With Easter just days away, you can add a touch of fun to your reading corner to encourage children to spend quality time with books. Here are a few suggestions for your little bunnies:

  • Purchase bunny ears at the dollar store and deposit them near your reading corner entrance. Invite children to wear the bunny ears on their head as they "read". This simple accessory can motivate certain children to spend extra time in your reading corner.
  • Deposit a few pretty Easter baskets throughout your reading corner. Children will enjoy filling them with books and using them to transport them here and there.
  • Print several small carrots. Laminate them and slide them between the pages of your books. On a wall, display a picture of a large rabbit or, if you prefer, set an oversized stuffed rabbit on the floor, in a corner. Invite children to feed the rabbit with the carrots they find as they explore the books offered in your reading corner. Try inserting carrots in books that are somewhat less popular among the children in your group, making an effort to select the pages that you feel will especially interest them. The goal is to help children discover new books as they are searching for carrots.
  • Depending on the ages of the children in your group, let them snack on carrot sticks, grated carrots, or whole carrots in your reading corner. Carrots represent the ideal healthy snack for little bunnies that are busy exploring books. There is no need to worry about the books getting damaged since carrots are practically mess-free.
  • Deposit as many stuffed rabbits and bunnies as you can in your area. Children will love to "read" to them, cuddle with them, and pet them as they admire the books available in your reading corner.
  • If you have flexible rubber bunnies that can be bent and twisted every which way, use them to identify the Easter Bunny's daily book suggestions. You can, for example, hang them on different books every morning. Encourage children to explore these carefully selected books, telling them that the Easter Bunny believes they will particularly like them or that they are the Easter Bunny's favorites.
  • If possible, organize a trip to your local library with your group. For the occasion, let children wear bunny ears on their head and hop all the way to the library like little rabbits. Once at the library, ask children to search for books that include pictures of the Easter Bunny. Let each child select one Easter book that you will borrow from the library and take back to your daycare for a few days. Add these books to your reading corner. Children will appreciate these new additions.

Happy Easter with your little bunnies!



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