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A reassuring kit for newcomers

Here is a simple idea that can be quite reassuring for a child who is new to your daycare.


Deposit a book you particularly enjoy in a large bag (Ziploc, pillowcase, gift bag). Add special crayons and pretty paper, a stuffed animal, a blanket, simple games for two players, and a few stickers. If you wish, you can even add a small photo album filled with pictures of the child's family members.


Let the child keep his/her bag of treats nearby throughout his/her first day...or even the entire first week! Make a point of sitting with the child one on one to read the book to him/her.


Let the child cuddle with the stuffed animal and blanket during naptime. Encourage him/her to share the paper and crayons with the children in your group or invite him/her to draw a picture for his/her parents. Use the stickers to congratulate the child for having a great first day at daycare.


I like to have several bags on hand. This makes it possible for children to pick the bag they prefer as they arrive for their first day at daycare.


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