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Kits for future veterinarians

Here is an interesting way to make your reading corner attractive for little animal lovers.

  • In bookstores, you can easily find books that explain how to care for animals. They are great for introducing young "veterinarians in training" to the subject. Pick the ones you feel will be most attractive for the children in your group.
  • You can easily create veterinarian kits by filling small suitcases with a book about an animal, a stuffed animal related to the theme, instruments from a doctor's kit, empty file folders, paper, crayons, glasses, a white shirt, etc. Children will love pretending to care for animals "on the road".
  • Hang animal posters on the walls of your daycare.
  • Set up a waiting room for your pet clinic and add several books about animals.
  • Create recipe cards for pet treats and arrange them in a small metal box.
  • Use pictures or illustrations of animals and people caring for animals found in magazines and flyers to create a unique picture book that children will love to admire.

I hope these simple ideas will inspire the children in your group to discover books!


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