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Number "2" in your reading corner

Letters and words steal the show in your reading corner. However, exploring numbers is also possible. Here are a few ideas you can use to introduce young readers to number "2":

  • Encourage children to help you decorate your reading corner. Add the following items to your area: two chairs decorated with number "2" stickers, two large bins filled with books, two posters, two small decorative lamps, two blankets, etc. Hang number "2" shapes cut out of colourful paper from the ceiling and display some on the walls. If you wish, you can even use adhesive paper to add numbers on the floor in your reading corner.

  • During free play, allow children to take turns spending time in your reading corner with a partner. Invite them to "read" to each other or simply admire and discuss the illustrations in the books that are available.

  • Find several picture books containing numbers and invite children to search for number "2". Each time a child finds a number "2", encourage him/her to show it to the other children. Reward children by giving them a number "2" sticker they can either keep or add to a poster displayed on a wall.

  • Whenever children have to choose a book, before naptime for example, use a timer and set it for 2 minutes. Explain how they must find the book they wish to "read" before the time is up. You may also suggest they pick "2" books.

  • Cut number "2" shapes out of colourful Fun Foam so that you have two of each color. Deposit the numbers in a gift bag (if possible a gift bag for a child's second birthday) and have children take turns picking a number. Have children find the child who picked the number "2" of the same color and invite them to "read" together.

  • Set a large tree branch in a bucket and fill it with sand. Hang colourful Fun Foam or construction paper "2's" from the branch (one per color). Stick a second number "2" of each color on a bookshelf, bin, box, etc. within your reading corner. Children can take turns picking a number "2" on the tree and searching for the corresponding section within your reading corner. Once children have found the correct section, ask them to pick two books. This method will help children make new discoveries and encourage them to explore the contents of the various displays present in your reading corner.

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