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Sunny ideas to keep children reading all summer long.

Summer is here and children are spending a lot of time playing in the sandbox, sliding, and swinging. Yet, I encourage you to set the stage for small reading breaks in strategic locations within your yard. If you wish, you can pick one or two ideas at a time to keep things interesting throughout this sun-filled season.


Children will love having the chance to admire their favorite books outdoors.


As a bonus, chirping birds will accompany you as you read to your group. An outdoor environment is the perfect setting to make books about different subjects attractive for little ones. Reading outside might, for example, spark an interest in science or gardening.


Here are my favorite summer suggestions:

  • Set books about insects next to your sandbox.
  • Offer books about nature in a picnic basket and deposit it under a tree.
  • Leave recipe books inside your playhouse.
  • Deposit a suitcase filled with children's favorite books next to a bench.
  • Arrange several straw hats along with books about vegetables, flowers, and fruits next to your garden.
  • Provide books that can safely get wet in your kiddie pool.

With these ideas and the books you already have in your daycare, reading can play a role in your summer fun!

Have a wonderful summer!

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