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Teepees for summer reading

If you have seen them on the Web, I am sure you have fallen for their adorable look just like I have! Of course, I am talking about the gorgeous play teepees made with pieces of wood and fabric that are popping up everywhere. You can purchase them, but you can also find instructions to make one (or several) yourself. Doing so will make creating custom-made hideaways for the children in your group possible.


It's important to mention that these teepees aren't just pretty; they are also somewhat magical for little ones.

Here is how I suggest you use them outdoors during summer months.


We all know that limiting sun exposure is a good idea, especially with young children. By setting one or several teepees in your yard, children can use them to take a break from the sun's harmful rays and read! All you have to do is add a few books inside each teepee and change them daily. What is more fun than enjoying a little quiet time (alone or with a friend) and admiring magnificent books in such a special hideout? If you ask me, reading in a teepee can be hard to beat!


Know that an out-of-the ordinary décor is sometimes all it takes to spark an interest in books.


Children will appreciate withdrawing into their own little bubble (or should I say teepee) every now and then to set their imagination free and let themselves be absorbed by the illustrations found inside the books you have left at their disposal.


What an extraordinary way to make reading part of your summer activities!

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