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Big tools for little kids

Here is a very simple idea that, in the long run, can really pay off!


We regularly offer storybooks, picture books, photo albums, and comic books for children. However, we rarely provide them with the opportunity to explore dictionaries.


Of course, very young children are too small to understand the usefulness of these very important language tools, but at least one day, when they need to find a word, they will know that dictionaries exist. More importantly, they will have seen you use them! Don't forget that you are a role model for the children in your group!


You may find my suggestion somewhat crazy or old-fashioned, but if dictionaries are introduced in a fun way and you explain to little ones that there are many different kinds of books that can be used in a variety of ways, dictionaries may be more attractive than you think.


Just imagine all the possibilities dictionaries have to offer: the magic of words, the pleasure of hearing different sounds, games with particular words, and, most of all, an endless repertoire of words!


Here are a few fun ideas that may inspire you:

  • Create an office space.
  • Use a dictionary whenever you write.
  • Present dictionaries as special, magical books that "big people" use.
  • Show children different types of dictionaries (synonyms, visual, for children, etc.).
  • Compare different types of dictionaries (heavy, thick, etc.).

Most of all, be sure to have fun exploring words!


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