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Beach bags for reading

I love beach bags! They remind me of beach vacations, but they are also colourful, pretty, washable, and often very large!


You can celebrate summer by using your beach bags to transport books to the playground, the pool, the sandbox, within your daycare or, if you are lucky, to your local beach or on vacation.


Another advantage of beach bags is that they are usually waterproof. They are therefore great for protecting your books if you are near water.


Fill your beach bags with catalogues, flyers, children's magazines, bath books, picture books, storybooks, photo albums, recipe books, etc. Any medium that is filled with words can be interesting. Use the knowledge you have of the interests of the children in your group as inspiration and vary the contents of your beach bags daily.


You may also want to slip sunglasses for the children in your group inside your bags. Wearing them will make exploring the contents of your bags that much more fun! Finally, you may want to add a few colourful beach towels. Children will enjoy rolling them out and sitting on them to read. They can pretend they are at the beach...even if you only make it as far as your backyard.


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