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A miniature library at home

This week, I would like to suggest a way of integrating calm, variety, color, and happiness in your daycare.


You can easily create your own miniature library. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

  1. Pick an accessible, quiet, out of the way area within your daycare.
  2. Display posters on the walls.
  3. Add a computer that no longer works.
  4. Set books on display stands and slide a few books inside plastic sleeves.
  5. Clearly explain library rules to your group.
  6. Prepare a library card for each child. This simple accessory will motivate children to read books.
  7. Act as a model for the children in your group (show them books you have borrowed from your local library).
  8. Include story time in your daily schedule.

A library is a great gift for children. Encourage them to use it!


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