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Travel agencies to the rescue

Finding books about a specific country can sometimes be quite challenging. It's definitely a task that can be time-consuming, but what's more, the books you need or want may not be available due to a lack of resources!


Don't worry! Travel agencies and tourist information booths can help.


Here are my suggestions:

  • Visit travel agencies and tourist information booths to collect catalogues, maps and travel guides.
  • Challenge children to cut out and glue unusual destination names and pictures on a piece of paper, write the names of various cities and villages, and attempt to pronounce new words.
  • Add the documents you find to your reading and writing corners.
  • Use magnifying glasses to look at pictures to help children notice a variety of details.
  • Imagine activities in connection with the pictures found in the documents you have collected (palm trees, exotic fruit, boats, etc.).

Have fun discovering new places with your group!

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