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Christmas in your reading corner

The Holidays are magical for children. Use Christmas magic to make books interesting for little ones.

Here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Hang colourful Christmas garlands in your reading corner and use them to display Christmas-themed books. Simply choose lightweight books, open them, and hang them on your garlands.
  • You can display smaller books between the branches of a Christmas tree set up in your reading corner. The effect will be particularly pretty with a white artificial tree since the colourful cover pages will really stand out and therefore be eye-catching for little readers. Note that it may be best to avoid using Christmas lights so you won't have to worry about the heat from the lights being in contact with the pages and causing a fire. The glitter-filled cover pages of your Christmas books will provide more than enough shine!

  • Secure small hooks on a wall within your reading corner and use them to hang large Christmas stockings, one for each child. Each day, slip a different Christmas book inside each child's stocking. Children will love discovering their "book of the day", for example right before naptime.

  • Purchase a large red bag that can be used to represent Santa Claus' sack. Every morning, deposit different books inside your sack and let each child pick one. This will make it possible for children to explore books they may not have chosen on their own.

Enjoy reading Christmas stories with your group!


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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