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Reading as you walk

This is a very simple idea that can introduce children to words and help them begin to develop skills required for reading.


I suggest you collect pictures of objects that are present in your neighbourhood, ideally items that you see when you go for walks with your group.


You can:

  • Take pictures.
  • Cut pictures out of newspapers or magazines (traffic signs, flowers, trees, etc.).
  • Use's word flashcards.
  • Draw the items.

Write the name of each item at the bottom of the picture. Whenever you go for a walk with your group, encourage children to pay attention to the things they see and discuss the different items together.


To introduce children to written words, have them carry the pictures or word flashcards identifying the items they see each day: a car, a flower, a house, a tree, a cat, etc. Encourage them to associate them to the real-life items.


The most important thing you can do is actively participate in their search for the illustrated items. If you don't show an interest in their many discoveries, children will quickly lose interest in this activity.


Have fun reading as you walk!


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