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Using books to share discoveries and passions

Books and reading represent ideal tools for teaching children all about sharing. Here's why:

  • Books can help you share your language with children. Their words, sentences, expressions, and stories have the power to make them laugh, shudder, and think as they discover new things.

  • Books make sharing various discoveries with others possible. When children share a book about magic or animals with you or your group, they are really offering you an excellent opportunity to get to know them and discover one of their passions.

  • Books can also inspire us to be creative. A simple book about pirates, for example, can make it possible for you to embark on an adventure with your group. It can lead to special moments that you will share with your group such as a treasure hunt, building a pirate ship, creating costumes and strange characters, searching for gold coins, etc.

Books are what lead me to share my discoveries, passions, ideas, as well as bits and pieces of my personality with you, my readers. Don't miss out and let others share books with you. Do not hesitate to invite children to bring books they have at home to daycare so they can share them with your group and make a point of sharing the books you enjoy most with them.


Marie-Josée Thibert


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