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My Easter lamb

My Easter lamb-1


A simple figurine that little hands can create.

1. Gather your material. You will need black and white felt, scraps of pink Fun Foam, two wiggly eyes, the top of a metal can, black poster paint, a paintbrush, white glue and/or hot glue, small Styrofoam balls, an empty toilet paper roll, scissors (not shown), and an aluminum pie plate or another recipient for the paint.


My Easter lamb-2


2. Cut the empty toilet paper roll into four rings and squeeze them to create shapes as shown.


My Easter lamb-3


3. Paint the cardboard rings with the black paint. Let dry. They will become your lamb's hooves.


My Easter lamb-4


4. Trace the top of the metal can on the white felt two times. Cut out the circles and glue them on top of and under the metal circle.


My Easter lamb-5


5. Glue Styrofoam balls on the metal circle, forming a small pyramid-like shape that will represent your lamb's body.


My Easter lamb-6


6. Cut the outline of your lamb's face out of the black felt. Glue two wiggly eyes on the black felt. Cut a tiny nose out of the scraps of Fun Foam and glue it in the centre of your lamb's face. Finally, glue the face on your lamb's body.


My Easter lamb-7


7. Glue three Styrofoam balls near the top of your lamb's face.


My Easter lamb-8


8. Cut a small slit out of each cardboard ring as shown.


My Easter lamb-9


9. Glue the four hooves diagonally under your lamb.


My Easter lamb-10


10. Cut a small tail out of the leftover black felt and glue it in place.


My Easter lamb-11


11. Find a name for your new companion.


My Easter lamb-12


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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