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My witch closet

My witch closet-1

Children will love designing their very own witch closet and hanging a unique witch costume inside!

1. Gather your material. You will need black construction paper, white glue, scissors, felt and Fun Foam scraps, a pipe cleaner, a piece of chalk (not shown), three small buttons, and one larger golden button.


My witch closet-2


2. Cut a witch dress shape out of a piece of felt.


My witch closet-3


3. Fold the construction paper in half to represent a closet door. Using the chalk, draw details on the front of the door as shown. Glue the large golden button on the front of the door to represent a door handle.


My witch closet-4


4. Use felt and Fun Foam scraps to create a witch hat and to represent patches. You may also use the chalk to make your witch dress look worn and old. Finally, glue the three smaller buttons on the dress.


My witch closet-5


5. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and fold it to make it look like a hanger.


My witch closet-6


6. Open your closet and draw a shelf and bar using the chalk. Glue the hat on the shelf and press the clothing hanger over the bar.


My witch closet-7


7. Glue the witch dress on the hanger. Children will love opening and closing their closet. Display children’s witch closets on a bulletin board or turn them into original Halloween greeting cards. Just write “Happy Halloween” on each one. Of course, children can create additional costumes (ghost, princess, pirate, etc.). Let them adapt this project to include the costume they have chosen for trick or treating.


My witch closet-8


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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