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Flower-filled color recognition DIY

Print the “Models-Flowers” document available in the Educatall Club and use the pretty flowers to create a variety of games your group is sure to enjoy this spring!  


Flower-filled color recognition DIY-1


Gather the following material:

  • Pompoms (pastel and bold colors)
  • Foam shapes (the colors must correspond to the flower colors)
  • Spill-proof paint jar
  • Mason jar or an unbreakable vase
  • Flowers from the “Models-Flowers” document (cut out and glued to the tip of drinking straws)

Note that most of this material can be purchased on the Educatall online store.


Flower-filled color recognition DIY-2


For this first game, insert all the flowers in the Mason jar or unbreakable vase. Set a series of foam shapes on the table and invite children to associate a flower with each shape. The color of each flower must correspond to the color of the foam shape children set it on.


Flower-filled color recognition DIY-3


Next, put the flowers back in the jar or vase and spread a new series of foam shapes out on the table. Repeat the activity, naming the colors with the children in your group.


Flower-filled color recognition DIY-4


Flower-filled color recognition DIY-5


Flower-filled color recognition DIY-6


You could also photograph your jar or vase containing different flower combinations to represent bouquets. Print the pictures and encourage children to fill your jar or vase with the correct flowers to reproduce each bouquet. This is the second game you can explore with your group.


Flower-filled color recognition DIY-7


Finally, insert a tiny pompom corresponding to the color of each flower in a spill-proof paint jar. You will need 3 blue pompoms, 3 yellow pompoms, 1 white pompom, 4 pink pompoms, 2 red pompoms, and 1 purple pompom (I used black since I did not have a pompom of this color).


Flower-filled color recognition DIY-8


Insert the pompoms in the jar.


Flower-filled color recognition DIY-9


Children take turns shaking the jar to make a few pompoms fall onto the table.


Flower-filled color recognition DIY-10


Next, have them fill your jar or vase with flowers of the corresponding colors.


Flower-filled color recognition DIY-11


Once this is done, have them put the pompoms back in the jar and hand it to the next child. Your group will love this simple manipulation game.


It is a great color recognition and visual discrimination exercise. Of course, constant supervision is required since the pompoms are very small.


Have fun creating flower bouquets with your group throughout springtime!


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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