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Benefits associated with plants in daycares

Plants can represent great natural additions to your daycare décor. They can help create a pleasant atmosphere and healthier environment, providing you know which plants to choose.


A touch of green
Lately, I have been searching for ways to liven up my décor and create a warm setting. I discovered that plants are the perfect solution.


In fact, since daycares are normally filled with colourful plastic toys, leafy green plants can represent a great way to bring your décor to life.


Healthy additions
Plants possess interesting capacities that are perfectly suited for improving a daycare environment. What's more, they can significantly impact children's health. A simple Internet search revealed the following facts:

  • Plants produce oxygen which is beneficial for humans.
  • Plants improve air quality and can even act as pollution filters.
  • Plants can positively impact a room's temperature and humidity level.
  • Plants can ease coughs, sore throats, and headaches.
  • Plants reduce fatigue and can promote happiness.
  • Plants reduce the quantity of dust in a room.
  • Plants can reduce the noise level in a closed space.

Choosing the right plants
A hanging plant to avoid younger children pulling on its leaves or eating parts of the plant? A small tree for a group of 4-5 year olds? A plant hung from a pretty wall support? A flowering plant? A large fern? A huge plant or a tiny cactus? Potted herbs? Why not! There are so many plants to choose from, but first, you must do your research.


How many plants?
Are you wondering how many plants you can add to your daycare décor? Personally, I think that having too many plants is just as bad as not having any at all. Moderation may therefore be the way to go. As I searched the Web, I found that, for air purification purposes, NASA recommends one plant for every 100 ft² (10 ft x 10 ft) of space. As you can see, there is no need to transform your daycare to make it look like a botanical garden to take advantage of the benefits associated with plants.


Beware of toxic plants!
While many plants are beneficial, some are toxic. Be sure to check with a specialist to make sure the plants you purchase are safe and do not represent a risk for children who may touch them or even be tempted to eat their leaves. If in doubt, contact the Poison Control Centre: 1 800 463-5060.


Whether you decide to purchase a plant with your group, grow a plant with children, or pick one on your own to add to your décor, it is sure to have a positive effect!

Chantal Millette
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