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The snowstorm-A calming game


Calming a group of children can sometimes be quite the challenge. When your group is overly excited, taking their energy down a notch can require a great deal of effort. Many early childhood educators have good intentions. They ask children to breathe, to stop and stand still…but these strategies are often inconclusive. It’s perfectly normal for children to find it difficult to calm down when they are having fun. Since self-control is a notion that is acquired only as children age, I feel that it is important for children to experience excitement AND a return to calm. The more children can experience both excitement and calmness as part of a game, the easier it will be for them to calm down in their daily activities, when necessary.   



Today, I would like to suggest using a snowstorm theme to provide your group with the opportunity to practice a return to calm. It’s perfectly suited for the season! We will bring children to experience excitement through all the movement associated with a big storm as well as the “calm after the storm”. You will see, children will learn very quickly through experimentation.


What will you need? This activity requires music and rolls of toilet paper, nothing more. Give each child 2 long pieces of toilet paper. They will be used like rhythmic ribbons. Children hold one piece of toilet paper in each hand.


The object of the activity is for children to move very quickly when the music is loud and to encourage them to calm down every time the volume is lowered.


To begin, play the music very loudly. Children move around the daycare and spin to the sound of the music. Gradually turn the volume down; children slow their movement down more and more as the volume becomes quieter, until they are immobile on the floor.


Invite them to place their hands on their stomach, close their eyes, and breathe deeply. Encourage them to pay attention to their heartbeat, to feel it progressively slowing down.


This activity can be integrated right before naptime, encouraging children to move more slowly from start to finish. Lower the volume of the music gradually until children are all lying down and ready to fall asleep or rest.


Have fun!


Maude Dubé, specialized educator



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