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Three-dimensional wind turbine

Three dimensional wind turbine-1


As a group, create a huge wind park!

1. Gather your material. You will need a scrap of white felt, a scrap of green Fun Foam, white and blue construction paper, two empty toilet paper rolls, white electrical tape, a hole-punch (not shown), a fastener, hot glue and/or white glue, and scissors.



Three dimensional wind turbine-2

2. Cut the green Fun Foam to represent rolling hills. Glue them at the bottom of your sheet of blue construction paper.


Three dimensional wind turbine-3


3. Cut cloud shapes out of the white felt and glue them just above the rolling hills.


Three dimensional wind turbine-4


4. Flatten and roll up both empty toilet paper rolls as shown. Use a hole-punch to make a hole at the top of one of the toilet paper rolls, making sure the hole-punch goes through all the layers of cardboard.


Three dimensional wind turbine-5

5. Position both flattened toilet paper rolls one above the other (with the one with the holes at the top) and wrap them with the electrical tape to create a long mast.


Three dimensional wind turbine-6

6. Cut three wind turbine blades out of the white construction paper. Fold each one slightly as shown and use the hole-punch to make a hole at one end of each blade. Place them one on top of the other, lining up the holes, and insert the fastener in the centre.


Three dimensional wind turbine-7

7. Insert the fastener in the hole at the top of the mast.


Three dimensional wind turbine-8

8. Glue your wind turbine on the scene, making sure the blades are above the clouds to represent the impressive size of wind turbines.


Three dimensional wind turbine-9


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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