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Dry-erase Advent calendar

Dry-erase Advent calendar-1

An adorable way to prepare for Santa.

1. Gather your material. You will need a dry-erase board, a dry-erase marker, a large Santa Claus sticker, adhesive letters, Christmas candy, red or green ribbon, scissors, and white glue and/or hot glue.


Dry-erase Advent calendar-2


2. Glue your Santa Claus sticker on your dry-erase board. Use the adhesive letters to write the word "DAYS" at the bottom of the board.


Dry-erase Advent calendar-3


3. Glue Christmas candy pieces all the way around the board to decorate it. You can create a pattern by alternating two types of candy.


Dry-erase Advent calendar-4


4. Cut a piece of ribbon and glue both ends behind your board so you can hang your Advent calendar.


Dry-erase Advent calendar-5

5. Every day during the month of December, write the number of days left until Christmas.


Dry-erase Advent calendar-6

Patricia-Ann Morrison


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