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Three-dimensional snowflakes 

Three-dimensional snowflakes-1


A snow-themed fine motor skills activity.


1. Gather your material. You will need blue construction paper, white glue, several white plastic bread ties, a marker (not shown), blue glitter glue (not shown), one plastic bread tie of a different color (not shown), and scissors.


Three-dimensional snowflakes-2


2. Apply white glue liberally along the bottom of the construction paper, placed horizontally in front of you. Press white bread ties in the glue to represent snow on the ground.


Three-dimensional snowflakes-3


3. Using the scissors, cut several white plastic bread ties in two, three, or even four pieces.


Three-dimensional snowflakes-4


4. Overlap the pieces as shown to represent snowflakes blowing around in the sky.


Three-dimensional snowflakes-5


5. Glue the colourful plastic bread tie just above the snow at the bottom of the scene to represent a shovel. Use the marker to draw a handle.


Three-dimensional snowflakes-6


6. Apply a dab of glitter glue in the centre of each snowflake to complete your three-dimensional scene.


Three-dimensional snowflakes-7


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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