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Magical snowman

Magical snowman-1

A mess-free winter craft.

1. Gather your material. You will need blue, green, and white Magic CornStruction Paper squares, white Magic Nuudles Stixx, blue glitter glue, blue glitter paint, a small snowflake-shaped cookie cutter, scissors, three round measuring cups, a blue marker, a black marker, a paintbrush, and a small plastic bowl.

Magical snowman-2

2. Trace the bottom of the three measuring cups on the white CornStruction paper square to draw three circles of different sizes. Cut them out.

Magical snowman-3

3. Pour a small quantity of water in the bowl. Using a paintbrush, lightly moisten the three circles and arrange them from biggest (on the bottom) to smallest (at the top), overlapping them somewhat as shown to represent a snowman.

Magical snowman-5

4. Cut a hat shape out of the green CornStruction paper square. Use the paintbrush to moisten it and stick it on top of the snowman's head. If you wish, cut a small triangle out of orange CornStruction paper and use the paintbrush to stick it in the centre of your snowman's face. Use the glitter glue to add two dots that will represent its eyes. Finally, use the black marker to draw several dots to represent its mouth as shown.

Magical snowman-6

5. Use the scissors to cut the Magic Nuudles Stixx into tiny pieces that will become snowflakes.

Magical snowman-7

6. Glue them all around your snowman, moistening them very lightly before pressing them on the blue CornStruction paper. If you wish, use the black marker to draw two arms (branches).

Magical snowman-8

7. Discard the water and pour a thin layer of blue paint in the bowl. Press the snowflake-shaped cookie cutter in the paint and then on the blue CornStruction paper to complete your magical winter scene.


Patricia-Ann Morrison



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