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Giant playing card

Giant playing card-1


This two of hearts is a great Valentine's Day project.

1. Gather your material. You will need red and white poster paint, six tiny paper doilies, red and white felt, scraps of red Fun Foam, paintbrushes, a heart-shaped cookie cutter, ribbon, a red pipe cleaner, white glue, and heavy cardboard (not shown).


Giant playing card-2


2. Arrange the doilies on the red felt as shown to represent the design seen on the back of a traditional playing card.


Giant playing card-3

3. Apply white poster paint all over the red felt and doilies. Let dry.


Giant playing card-4


4. Gently remove the doilies to see pretty designs appear.


Giant playing card-5

5. Use the heart-shaped cookie cutter to paint two red hearts in the centre of the white felt, one upright and one upside down as shown. Let dry.


Giant playing card-6

6. Cut the red pipe cleaner in half and use each piece to create a "2". Cut two small hearts out of the Fun Foam scraps.


Giant playing card-7


7. Glue the numbers and tiny hearts in the corners of the white felt as shown.


Giant playing card-8


8. Glue both sides of your giant playing card together, sliding a piece of ribbon and a piece of heavy cardboard between the red and white felt. You can use the ribbon to hang your playing card.


Giant playing card-9


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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