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Homemade multicoloured cubes

Learn how to make large colourful cubes you can see through step by step.


Homemade multicoloured cubes-1


Young toddlers were immediately attracted to these cubes that can be stacked.


They are fun to manipulate, since they are easy to grab hold of. The only small inconvenience I noted was that they are somewhat heavy due to their size.


Homemade multicoloured cubes-2


Each cube offers a clear, colourful centre. This feature is what makes them extra special. Manipulating them in front of a window is especially interesting, since the sun highlights their colourful middle. If you have a light table, children will love exploring the multicoloured cubes on it.

Homemade multicoloured cubes-3


  • Wood glue
  • Wooden blocks
  • Plastic document folders (Duo-Tangs) or colourful sheet protectors


Homemade multicoloured cubes-4


Wood glue
At first, I tried using hot glue to make the wooden blocks stick together. Unfortunately, the glue was too thick. After the first use, the blocks came apart. What's more, the final product was not pretty.


I decided to repeat the experience using white wood glue sold in hardware stores. Beyond being non-toxic, it is also stronger than the white glue we normally use for paper projects. Note that you must wait 24 hours to guarantee the wooden blocks stick together. If you apply too much glue, be sure to wipe away any excess. Once the glue is dry, it will be clear.


Wooden blocks
I chose blocks normally used as part of an agility game to build a tower from which blocks are removed one at a time until they fall to the ground. Feel free to use any type of wooden blocks you have on hand.


Clear and colourful plastic
I simply recycled clear plastic document protectors (Duo-Tangs) and colourful plastic sheet protectors for this project. They are thicker than acetates, but colourful transparency film sheets could work too.


For each multicoloured cube, select eight identical wooden blocks. Glue them together to create two wooden frames. The shape of your multicoloured cubes will vary depending on how you position your wooden blocks.

Homemade multicoloured cubes-5 X2

Cut a square out of a colourful sheet or document protector. The square must be smaller than the outer portion of the frames you created with the wooden blocks. Be sure to leave enough room around the cut sheet or document protector so you can apply glue liberally to stick both wooden frames together.


Glue the second wooden frame on top of the first one, sealing the clear plastic between the two frames.


Set the cube aside and let it dry for 24 hours.


Homemade multicoloured cubes-7


Making these multicoloured wooden cubes requires patience and dexterity, but the final product is worth it. This project must be executed by an adult...for little ones.




Chantal Millette
Early childhood educator



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