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Triangle-filled forest

Triangle-filled forest-1


Explore triangles as you create a winter scene.

1. Gather your material. You will need a large piece of blue construction paper, green felt, scissors, white glue, cotton balls, brown pipe cleaners, and snowman-shaped stickers (optional).


Triangle-filled forest-2


2. Cut several triangles (different sizes) out of the green felt. They will become pine trees.


Triangle-filled forest-3


3. Apply white glue at the bottom of the blue construction paper (placed horizontally) and press cotton balls on the glue to represent snow-covered hills.


Triangle-filled forest-4


4. Glue the triangles (pine trees) here and there above the cotton balls, sliding a cut pipe cleaner under each one to represent tree trunks.


Triangle-filled forest-5


5. Add your snowman stickers here and there to complete your winter scene. Display children's artwork on a wall and write "Happy Winter!".


Triangle-filled forest-6

Patricia-Ann Morrison


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