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My snow plow

My snow plow-1

Explore this vehicle that is quite impressive for little ones.

1. Gather your material. You will need yellow Fun Foam, a yellow sponge, two empty toilet paper rolls, aluminum paper, cotton balls, scissors, a black marker, blue glitter glue, and white glue.


My snow plow-2


2. Cut the yellow Fun Foam to create two shapes, one that will represent the front of your snow plow and one that will represent its snow bin.

My snow plow-3

3. Glue the snow bin behind the truck. Stick the sponge on the front of the truck to represent its hood.

My snow plow-4

4. Use a black marker to color a toilet paper roll. Cut two rings and glue one on either side of the sponge to represent big wheels.

My snow plow-5

5. Use the blue glitter glue to draw a windshield above the sponge.

My snow plow-6

6. Cut the second toilet paper roll in two lengthwise. Keep only one piece. It will become your snow plow's blade. Wrap it in aluminum paper.

My snow plow-7

7. Glue the blade on the front of your snow plow.

My snow plow-8


8. Stretch out a few cotton balls and glue them on the top of the snow bin to make it look as if your snow plow is full of snow.

My snow plow-9

Patricia-Ann Morrison


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