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Thumbs up or down

Thumbs up or down-1

Children can use this indicator to tell you how they are feeling.

1. Gather your material. You will need light pink felt, white felt, white Fun Foam, a scrap of blue Fun Foam, white glue, a Styrofoam platter, scissors, a marker, and Velcro.


Thumbs up or down-2


2. Trace the child's hand and wrist on the white Fun Foam and cut it out.


Thumbs up or down-3


3. Glue the Fun Foam model on the light pink felt. Cut around it.


Thumbs up or down-4


4. Cut a shirt cuff out of the blue Fun Foam and glue it over the wrist (on the felt hand).


Thumbs up or down-5

5. As shown, turn the hand over and fold the four fingers, but not the thumb. Glue the fingers in this position.


Thumbs up or down-6

6. Cut a white felt rectangle that is the same size as the inside of the Styrofoam platter. Glue it in place. Stick a piece of male Velcro in the centre of the platter, on the white felt. Glue a piece of female Velcro under the hand.


Thumbs up or down-7


7. The child can stick the hand on the board with the thumb pointing down to indicate that he is sad or angry.


Thumbs up or down-8

8. He can position the hand with the thumb pointing up to indicate he is happy or comfortable in a situation. I hope you will see a lot of thumbs up!


Thumbs up or down-9

Patricia-Ann Morrison


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