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Nineteen family outings and activities

This week, I am providing a list of activities for families. This list can be posted in daycares or better yet, handed out to parents.


Holidays and vacations are an ideal time for family activities and bonding. Sadly, we do not always benefit fully from this period since we often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of various activities. We end up feeling as if we are running around and racing against the clock. I suggest that we make it our duty to schedule some down time with our family. It is unnecessary to plan expensive and lavish activities. We must simply make it our mission to have some quality time together. The following are simple activities accessible to all. Think small and enjoy winter!

  • Visit a museum. Upon your return home, have everyone draw their favorite exhibit and present it to the family.
  • Draw pictures in the snow with paint diluted with water and poured into shampoo bottles.
  • Visit your local library. Have a candlelight reading session at home.
  • Go slide at the park or in the backyard.
  • Build a snow fort with blocks of snow. Devour a special afternoon snack inside.
  • Organize a neighborhood snowball fight.
  • Spend the morning in your pajamas and then have a family brunch. Each family member is responsible for one dish.
  • Have a cooking party. Family members work together to make festive treats such as donuts, cookies, pies, etc. At Christmas, this can be done with seasonal music.
  • Drink hot chocolate cuddled under a giant blanket.
  • Go skating.
  • Have a movie night or movie afternoon with treats.
  • Host a neighborhood get together. Enjoy an afternoon of outdoor play and then get to know each other over a pot luck supper.
  • Decorate the house with homemade ornaments and crafts.
  • Have a family talent show. Each family member prepares their own skit to perform.
  • Play hockey in the street or at your local rink.
  • Sort toys and clothing. Prepare a large box of items to offer to a local charity.
  • Take pictures of all family members, the sillier the better. Have the pictures printed, prepare a display, and offer it as a gift to someone special.
  • Future designers. Choose a room to redecorate. Draw up plans and get to work.
  • Go on a treasure hunt, inside or outside.

Have fun!



Sonia Leclerc


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