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How to make the most of a trip to the library

Have you ever been to your local library with your group? Libraries have so much to offer children! They are packed with wonderful treasures. We all know that children love books. From princess stories to stories about trucks or monsters that live under their bed, books have the power to satisfy children's very diversified interests. What's more, there are so many books, so many ways to explore them...


Now that you have understood my unconditional love of books, let's get back to why libraries are so interesting for early childhood educators. Although books are extremely fascinating, they can also be quite expensive. Filling an entire bookshelf can therefore be quite costly. Since you can borrow books from your local library, a trip to the library can be highly economical.


Most neighbourhoods boast a library. No matter where you live, there is most likely a library not too far away. The surface area, the types of books that are available, and the activities offered will vary from one library to the next. Many libraries offer interesting activities that can often be enjoyed free of charge. Do not hesitate to ask for a copy of the schedule of upcoming activities.


Whether you choose to visit the library for an organized activity, a monthly visit, or out of the blue, a trip to the library is worthwhile. Some children may have already gone to the library with their parents. Others may have never heard of a library before. Have fun introducing them to this very special place.

Here are a few things that will guarantee your trip to the library is a success.

  • Prepare your group. Tell children where you are going, what they will see. Inform them of the rules that must be respected in a library. If you have access to your local library's website, show them pictures of the library prior to your visit. The more children are prepared for their trip to the library, the more reassured they will be, especially if they have never been to a library before.
  • Take your time. A trip to the library can last just a few minutes, but it can also last one or two hours, especially if the children in your group are very fond of books.
  • Explore the library with your group. Look at different types of books. Read to your group, let them manipulate books, and encourage them to discover everything the library can offer.
  • Organize a book treasure hunt. Pick a theme and invite children to search for books related to it. This will encourage them to look at the cover pages and illustrations of many different books.
  • Borrow books. Certain libraries will allow daycares to borrow many books at a time. If this is the case at your library, borrow enough books to fill your daycare shelves and let children take a book home with them from time to time to read with their parents. The following month, return the borrowed books with your group and select new ones. Why not make a trip to the library a monthly outing?

If you have the chance to provide children with an occasional or regular library visit, please do! Books provide so many learning opportunities for children and unfortunately, not all children have access to books at home...

Enjoy your trip to the library!

Maude Dubé, Specialized educator


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