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Simple embroidery

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Introduce children to stitching with this simple project.

1. Gather your material. You will need Fun Foam, colourful yarn, a paper plate, scissors, adhesive tape (not shown), a short pipe cleaner, a crayon or pen, and white glue (not shown).


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2. Turn the paper plate over and lightly draw a simple shape or figure. I recommend using a pencil for this step so you can erase the lines. I chose to draw a swirling pattern, but you could easily draw a flower, a triangle, a square, etc. Every few centimetres along the outline you have drawn, use the crayon or pen to punch a hole.


Simple embroidery-3


3. Cut a long piece of yarn and wrap one end with adhesive tape to make stitching easier.



Simple embroidery-4


4. Insert the wrapped end of the yarn through the first hole and pull it through completely. Secure the other end of the yarn by tying a large knot.


Simple embroidery-5


5. Continue stitching/lacing the yarn through the holes along your outline, always threading it through the previous hole. When you reach the final hole, tie a knot and cut any excess yarn.


Simple embroidery-6


6. Trace the contour of the paper plate on the Fun Foam and cut out the circle. Next, cut out the centre of the Fun Foam circle to create a frame that will represent an embroidery hoop.


Simple embroidery-7


7. Glue it over your paper plate.


Simple embroidery-8


8. Use the pipe cleaner piece to form a loop and glue it behind your masterpiece. Hang it on a wall. This embroidery project makes a great Mother's Day gift for grandmothers.


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Patricia-Ann Morrison


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