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1 box, 10 objects, 20 activities

Those who regularly read my articles know how I enjoy practical things. I enjoy making your lives easier with simple ideas. Today, I would like to suggest a practical box that can be used several different ways. It's simple. Just place 10 objects in a box and you'll have access to 20 different activities. You can carry the box to the playground, a nearby forest, or your backyard. It can also be used indoors, for example on a rainy day or when you are lacking inspiration.


To create your activity box, you will need:

  • One plastic storage bin
  • Balls
  • A paper/crayon/scissors set
  • Colourful adhesive tape
  • A blanket
  • Ten plastic containers with lids, different sizes
  • Drinking straws
  • Wooden blocks
  • Yarn
  • Clothespins

20 simple activity suggestions for your activity box:

  • Play basketball. Use the colourful adhesive tape to draw a line on the floor. Set your box a few feet away. Children stand on the line and toss balls in the basket (box).

  • Trace the contour of each object in your box on paper. Present the outlines to your group as a hunt and seek activity. They must find which object goes with each outline.

  • Use the colourful adhesive tape to draw a path throughout your daycare. Children walk on the path (heel-toes).

  • Hide the objects under a blanket. Momentarily let children observe them. Remove one object. Children must identify the missing object.

  • Arrange the plastic containers and lids in a pile. Children must associate each lid to the correct container.

  • Build items using the wooden blocks and encourage children to create identical constructions.

  • Explore different crafts with your paper/crayon/scissors set. Let children get creative or prepare a model for them to reproduce.

  • Use yarn and the clothespins to set up a clothesline in your daycare. Cut 10 squares out of paper and number them from 1 to 10. Invite children to hang the squares on your clothesline in numerical order.

  • Crumple several balls of paper. Encourage children to use the clothespins to pick them up and deposit them in a plastic container.

  • Write numbers 1 to 10 on a piece of paper. Cut out the numbers and set one number in the bottom of each plastic container. Children must add the corresponding number of wooden blocks to each plastic container.

  • Create a lacing game using the drinking straws and yarn. Cut the straws into pieces and thread the yarn through each one.

  • Have children stand in a circle. Give one child the ball of yarn. He holds the end of the yarn and tosses the ball of yarn to another child and so on.

  • Hang a clothesline within your daycare. Cut clothing items out of paper and let children hang them on the clothesline.

  • Set the plastic containers on the floor to create an obstacle course. Children must push a ball around each container.

  • Organize a long jump competition. Use the colourful adhesive tape to draw a line on the floor. Invite children to take turns jumping forward as far as they can. Mark the spot where each child lands with a different color adhesive tape.

  • Play a game of Sketch it! Simply draw something on a piece of paper and invite children to guess what it is.

  • Organize a treasure hunt. Place different objects here and there within your daycare. Children must search for the contents of your activity box.

  • Have one child sit in your box. Add the balls to the box. The other children run around the box. The child in the box must try to touch them by throwing the balls at them.

  • Have children sit on the blanket. Together, invent a story. Write the text on a piece of paper and invite children to illustrate it.

  • Creativity 101. Children have endless ideas and imagination. Set your activity box on the floor and let them explore its contents freely. Their games will surely impress and inspire you.

Have fun!


Maude Dubé, Specialized educator


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