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Learn how to say "grass" in French

Goal: Learn to say "grass" in French.


**PDFS suggérés :

  • Étiquettes-mots géants-Mars en vert
  • Éduc-jase-Fête des Pères
  • Images à colorier-Mars en vert

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Suggested activities:

Print several copies of the "Étiquettes-mots géants-Mars en vert" document. Exceptionally, present circle time outside. Glue a copy of the word "herbe" on a large plastic bin and set the other word flashcards nearby. Sit on the grass with your group. Ask children to name what they are sitting on. Talk about grass for a few minutes. Name its color, determine that it must be cut with a lawn mower regularly, that it needs sun and water to remain healthy, etc. Next, announce that in French, "herbe" means "grass". You may click on the following link to discover the proper pronunciation of this new word.


Repeat this new word together several times. After a while, invite children to use their hands to cut tiny handfuls of grass and deposit it in your plastic bin as they try to say "herbe" on their own. Encourage children to completely fill your bin with grass to provide them with several opportunities to say and hear the word. Once your bin is full, hide the other word flashcards in the bin, among the blades of grass.


Invite children to take turns fishing for a word flashcard with their hands. Every time a child finds a flashcard, ask him/her to say "herbe" once more.


Print several copies of the last page of the "Éduc-jase-Fête de Pères" document. Cut out the cards and arrange them on the floor, covering each one with adhesive paper. You will need one or more toy lawn mowers. Children will enjoy pushing them around the daycare. Every time they roll over the "grass" illustration, they must say "herbe".


Print the first page of the "Images à colorier-Mars en vert" document. Encourage children to color only the grass they see at the bottom of the tree. You may also ask them to draw additional grass here and there on their coloring page or even let them glue tiny pieces of green yarn to represent "herbe". Throughout the activity, have fun repeating the new word and inviting children to repeat it as often as possible.


Purchase a roll of synthetic grass. Unroll it and cut circles, squares, triangles, etc. Set the shapes on the floor throughout your daycare. Play music. Every time the music stops, children must quickly find a grass shape to stand on and say "herbe". This activity may be enjoyed barefoot. Afterwards, leave the shapes on the floor. Young children will enjoy crawling from one shape to the next to discover the grass-like texture (supervision required).


In your yard, organize a game of tag. Whenever a child is touched, he/she must lie on the grass, completely immobile, pretending to be a blade of grass. If another child touches him/her and says "herbe", the child can resume running. Give each child the chance to be "it". The longer the game lasts, the more children will practice pronouncing the new word.


Give each child a Styrofoam drinking glass or miniature flower pot. Help them fill it with soil and plant a few grass seeds. Set the containers on a sunny windowsill. In just a few days, children will be surprised to see their "herbe" grow. Let them bring their container home to provide them with the opportunity to share the new word they have learned with their family members.


Gather several pieces of green sidewalk chalk. Ask children to draw grass in your driveway. Older children will enjoy trying to write the word "herbe". You can set your plastic bin that you filled with grass nearby so they can use the word flashcard as a model.

Patricia-Ann Morrison


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