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Tiny family tree

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A great way to display pictures of children's family members.

1. Gather your material. You will need a steel scouring pad, several photos of children's family members (including pets), green paperclips, green pompoms, brown pipe cleaners, white glue, and/or hot glue.


Tiny family tree-2


2. Thread the pipe cleaners through the steel scouring pad as shown.


Tiny family tree-3


3. Gather the pipe cleaners and fold them upwards.


Tiny family tree-4


4. Twist the bottom of the pipe cleaners close to the scouring pad to represent a tree trunk.


Tiny family tree-5

5. Fold the end of each pipe cleaner to create branches. Attach a green paperclip to the tip of several branches, threading the pipe cleaners through the paperclips and twisting them to hold them in place.


Tiny family tree-6


6. Glue green pompoms on the end of the other branches to add texture.


Tiny family tree-7


7. Cut children's family photos, keeping only the faces of their family members and pets. Slide them in the paperclips to complete the tiny family tree. Display children's trees on a shelf. This is a great Father's Day gift too!


Tiny family tree-8

Patricia-Ann Morrison


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