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Learn how to say "summer" in French

Goal: Learn to say "summer" in French.


**Suggested documents:

Étiquettes-mots-4 saisons

Jeu de la loupe-4 saisons
Dé-4 saisons


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Suggested activities:

Print the document "Étiquettes-mots-4 saisons". Keep only the word "été". Before children arrive in the morning, hide several summer-related items within your daycare or in your yard (empty sunscreen bottles, beach towels, sunglasses, floats, bathing suits, etc.). Help children realize how the weather is getting warmer and warmer outside and that very soon, it will be summer. Show them the word flashcard and teach them that in French the word "été" means "summer". Invite them to search for the items you hid. Every time a child finds one, he must bring it to you and set it in an oversized beach bag or in a kiddie pool. Say "été" every time an item is added to the bag or pool.


You may click on the following link to hear the proper pronunciation for this new word:


Print the document "Roulette-météo". Laminate the wheel and the arrow. Use a fastener to insert the arrow in the centre of the wheel so it turns freely. With your group, identify the "été" section. Children take turns turning the wheel. Every time the arrow lands in the "summer" section, say "été" as a group. As a reward, let children pick a summer accessory out of your beach bag or kiddie pool. Let them wear it or pretend to use it momentarily. The more items you have, the more opportunities children will have to say and hear the new word.


Print the document "Jeu de la loupe-4 saisons". Laminate the board game and cards. Use adhesive putty to stick the tiny cards in the bottom of an empty kiddie pool. Children take turns picking a card and searching for the item on the board game using a magnifying glass. When they succeed, they must say "été". At the end of the activity, set the game in your manipulation corner. Children will surely return to the kiddie pool to play during free play periods. Depending on the number of children in your group, you may want to print several copies of the small cards to make the game last longer.


Print the document "Dé-4 saisons". Display the pictures on a wall, arranging them to form a rectangle. Provide small soft balls or bean bags. Have children toss them towards the illustrations. The goal is to touch a summer-themed picture. Every time a child succeeds, say "été". If you prefer, you may also arrange the pictures in hula hoops on the floor. If the balls or bean bags land in a hula hoop containing a summer-themed picture, children must say "été" together. Adjust the difficulty per the ages of the children in your group. They must succeed to have the opportunity to practice saying the new word.


Create a simple summer-themed bowling game by arranging approximately 10 empty sunscreen bottles on the floor to form a pyramid. Give each child a yellow ball (to represent the sun). Invite them to roll their ball towards the bottles. Every time a child makes a bottle fall, say "été".


Ask children to bring their beach towel to daycare (or provide towels). Set the towels on the grass in your yard or on the floor within your daycare. Play Hawaiian music. Children dance around the towels to the sound of the music. When the music stops, children must say "été" and quickly lie down on their towel.


Prepare colourful frozen treats with your group. Encourage children to say "été" to be granted permission to pick a treat at snack time. What a delicious way to encourage them to practice saying "summer" in French!

Patricia-Ann Morrison


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