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My anthill

My anthill-1

This anthill will be welcome in your daycare environment.

1. Gather your material. You will need two pieces of sand paper, four black pompoms, one black marker, scissors, and white glue.


My anthill-2


2. Use one piece of sand paper to form a cone. Apply a few drops of white glue to hold the wrapped edges together. This will represent your anthill. Show children a real one in your yard to help them understand.


My anthill-3


3. Cut an irregular shape out of the second piece of sand paper to represent the sand that often surrounds anthills. Glue the sand paper cone on top of this irregular shape as shown.


My anthill-5


4. For each ant, glue two black pompoms together. Stick the ants on or around the anthill. Use the black marker to draw three tiny legs on either side of each ant.


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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