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A swimming pool noodle flower

I love swimming pool noodles. They are colourful, inexpensive, and versatile. What's more, they offer many different creative possibilities. During summer months, they are available just about everywhere. I recommend buying several since there is a good chance I will be sharing many activities that require swimming pool noodles in the upcoming weeks.


Today, I would like to share how I used a swimming pool noodle to create a flower with you. This flower can easily be personalized. You will need:


A swimming pool noodle flower-1

  • A swimming pool noodle
  • An X-ACTO knife
  • Velcro
  • Pictures of the children in your group
  • A wooden stick
  • A flower pot
  • Sand or rocks

To make your flower, follow these steps:

  1. Slice the swimming pool noodle to create disks. Each dish should be a few centimetres thick.

    A swimming pool noodle flower-2

  2. Cut several Velcro pieces.
  3. Stick one piece of Velcro female side and one piece of Velcro male side on each disk.

    A swimming pool noodle flower-3

  4. Trace the contour of a disk on each picture and cut out the circle. Glue one picture on each disk.
  5. Assemble the disks as shown to represent a flower, pressing the male and female Velcro together.

    A swimming pool noodle flower-4

  6. Spear the bottom disk with the wooden stick.
  7. Fill the flower pot with sand or rocks. Insert the stick so it remains upright.

    A swimming pool noodle flower-5

A swimming pool flower can represent a great gift for parents who will be happy to receive a flower that, as a bonus, makes displaying pictures of their child fun. Otherwise, the flower can be used to present pictures of the children in your group. Simply glue a picture of a different child on each disk. The flower can be used to determine each child's spot at the table or for deciding whose turn it is for an activity. The possibilities are endless.

Have fun with this craft!


Maude Dubé, Specialized educator


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