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Learn how to say "ice cream" in French

Goal: Learn how to say "ice cream" in French


**Recommended club documents:

Jeu d'images-Glace

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Suggested activities:

During circle time, give each child an empty ice cream cone. Ask them what we normally put in a cone: ice cream, of course. Take a tub of ice cream out of the freezer and tell children you are going to teach them another way to say "ice cream". Explain how "crème glacée" means the same thing, but in French. You may click on the following link to hear this new word:


Next, have fun repeating this new word as a group several times. As children become more comfortable with its pronunciation, encourage them to take turns saying "crème glacée". For example, you may pass a colourful ice cream scoop around. Every time they receive the spoon, have them say "crème glacée" before handing it to another child. At the end of this activity, deposit a scoop of ice cream in each child's cone as you say "crème glacée".


Print the "Éduca-déco-Glace" and "Éduca-déco-Chocolat" documents for each child. Ask them to identify the "crème glacée" illustrations and cut them out. Laminate the items so they can be used for different activities.


Purchase several white and pastel balls. Tell children they represent ice cream scoops. Invite them to set the balls in a large container one at a time, saying "crème glacée" for each new addition. Encourage children to use an ice cream scoop to fill the container with "crème glacée". Once the container is full, set it aside. Later in the day, hide the illustrations children cut out among the balls. Children can take turns searching for them. Once again, have them say "crème glacée" every time they find an illustration.


You may also choose to leave the laminated ice cream cones in you play kitchen area. Children will love to pretend they are working in an ice cream shop. Let them take turns playing the role of the customers. Make sure they say "crème glacée" when they order. Print several copies of the "Menu-Restaurant" document. Laminate the menus and set them in your area. Children will like to point to the ice cream when they order. They can use dry-erase markers to circle the items they wish to order, just for fun.


Children will be proud to serve a small bowl of "crème glacée" to their parents at the end of the day. You can provide plastic ice cream scoops or real ice cream. This simple gesture will provide children with the opportunity to share the latest addition to their French vocabulary with their parents.


When it's time for dessert or a snack, serve ice cream to give children the chance to repeat the new word. You can ask a different child to help you serve the group each time. Print the "Jeu d'images-Glace" document. Laminate the illustrations and set them in an empty ice cream cone box or an empty ice cream container. Cut a slit at the top of the box or container, big enough so children can insert their hand. Children can take turns picking an illustration. The child who picks the ice cream illustration can be your assistant, providing he says "crème glacée". Every time he hands one of his friends an ice cream cone or bowl, they must say "crème glacée" together. To maximize the number of opportunities that children get to say the word (and limit their ice cream consumption), you may of course do this activity with plastic or fabric ice cream scoops. Dollar stores offer fun ice cream bowls that can, for example, be filled with the previously used balls.


Cut several ice cream cone shapes out of beige felt. Cut several pink, brown, white, and green circles to represent different ice cream flavours. Children will have fun preparing felt ice cream cones. Encourage them to say "crème glacée" as often as possible while they are busy creating their cones. The more they hear the new word, the easier it will be for them to remember it.


Provide soup ladles in your sandbox. Moisten the sand somewhat and show children how they can use the ladles to fill empty plastic containers with round scoops of "chocolate ice cream". What fun!


Learning to say such a yummy word will be all fun & games for the children in your group!


Patricia-Ann Morrison



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