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Painting without paintbrushes

Because stepping away from regular routines can be very interesting, here are a few fun ideas for painting activities that differ from what children are used to. As you know, children like to experiment. Above all, they enjoy new experiences. Read on to discover different ways to paint, no paintbrushes required!


Children love painting, manipulating, and getting dirty... Paint is perfect for helping children develop their creativity, building their self-esteem, and having fun.


Pieces of yarn
Cut several pieces of yarn, making sure you have pieces of different lengths. Pour poster paint in a paper plate and invite children to hold one end of a piece of yarn, slide it through the paint, and then across a piece of paper.


Painting without paintbrushes-1


Clothespins and cotton balls
Use clothespins or ice cube tongs to grab hold of a cotton ball. Dip the cotton ball in poster paint and rub it on paper to paint a variety of designs.


Painting without paintbrushes-2

Who doesn't enjoy finger painting? Provide large pieces of heavy paper and invite children to press their fingertips in poster paint before using their fingers to paint freely on the paper. Click on the following link to discover how you can easily make your own finger paint:


A paper towel roll
Cut several slits all the way around one end of an empty paper towel roll. Gently spread the cardboard strips and dip them in poster paint. Twist and turn the paper towel roll to create fun designs on paper.


Painting without paintbrushes-3


A potato
Of course, you can use a potato to stamp designs on paper. Cut a potato in half and cut each one to create a different design. Press the potato halves in poster paint and then on paper. Let dry and complete your craft by adding silly details as shown.


Painting without paintbrushes-4


Tiny paint rollers
Provide rollers like the ones adults use to paint. Let children roll them in paint and then on paper to create roads, straight lines, or fill in different shapes.


Stamping blocks
Press wooden or plastic blocks in poster paint and then stamp them on a large piece of heavy paper. Create montages or use the blocks to represent various constructions.


Painting without paintbrushes-5

You will need sponges and coloring pages that contain large shapes and designs. Press the sponges in poster paint and then on the drawing to paint various sections.


Cotton swabs
Dip cotton swabs (Q-Tips) in poster paint and use them for painting. Trace straight lines, color in different shapes, draw a variety of designs...


Painting without paintbrushes-6


Drinking straws
Dilute a small quantity of poster paint with water. Deposit one drop of diluted paint on a piece of paper. Blow through a drinking straw to spread the paint on the paper.


Spray bottle
Dilute poster paint with water and pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray diluted paint on a piece of heavy paper or cardboard.


Have fun!


Maude Dubé, Specialized educator


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