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Learn how to say "scissors" in French

Goal: Learn how to say "scissors" in French


**Recommended club documents:
Étiquettes-mots géants-J'apprends à découper
Fiche d'activité-La rentrée
Jeu d'images-La rentrée
Jeu-J'apprends à découper

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Suggested activities: Print the "Étiquettes-mots géants-J'apprends à découper » document. Keep only the word « ciseaux ». Gather all the scissors you have in your daycare and bring some extra pairs from home. If possible, try to have different types of scissors on hand: nail scissors, sewing scissors, kitchen scissors, hairdressing scissors, etc. You can also purchase colourful scissors or scissors with fun designs at the dollar store. Spread them all out on a table in front of your group, but out of their reach, since many scissors will be sharp. During circle time, talk about the many tools children use for arts & crafts (glue, tape, paint, markers, construction paper, rulers, stencils, and of course, scissors). Next show them your scissor collection and tell them that in French, scissors are called "ciseaux".


You may click on the following link to discover the proper pronunciation of this new word:


Have fun trying to repeat this new word as a group for a few minutes.


After a while, stick the printed word flashcard on a metal can that is large enough to hold all the scissors children can use. Obviously, if your group includes children of different ages, you may choose to fill one can with safety scissors and another can with scissors older children who have improved scissor skills can use. Simply print a second copy of the word flashcard if you wish to have two separate containers for your "ciseaux". Remove all very sharp scissors and invite children to place them in the cans, saying "ciseaux" with each new addition. Use this activity to remind children of safety guidelines that must be respected when using scissors.


Print the document "Fiche d'activité-La rentrée" for each child. Encourage children to trace the "ciseaux" and color them. Let children pick a pair of scissors out of your can of scissors. They can use the scissors to cut out the "ciseaux" as best they can. If you wish, use adhesive paper to stick the paper scissors on your arts & crafts table. They will act as reminders of the latest addition to your group's French vocabulary.


Print the "Jeu d'images-La rentrée" document in the format you prefer. Pick six cards (including the one in which we see scissors). Use strong adhesive tape to seal a cardboard box and glue one of the six pictures on each box face to create a very special die. Divide your group into two teams. Give each team a long piece of colourful ribbon on which you have traced lines at regular intervals, for example every 10 cm. Each team's ribbon must have the same number of lines on it. Children take turns rolling the die. Every time the die lands on the side with the scissors on it, the child's team must say "ciseaux" before cutting their ribbon along one of the lines. Continue until a team has cut all the lines on its ribbon. Keep the ribbon pieces for arts & crafts.


Print the "Jeu-J'apprends à découper" document for each child. Encourage children to cut out the various shapes. Before they begin cutting each new shape, encourage them to point to the small scissors indicating where they are to begin cutting and say "ciseaux".


During arts & crafts activities, keep the scissors close to you and invite children to use the new word to ask for them. Help children pronounce "ciseaux" if necessary.


Take advantage of fall to practice cutting skills outside with your group. Bring many pairs of "ciseaux" outside and let children have fun cutting dried flowers, leaves from various plants, small branches, and grass. This activity will provide children with the opportunity to use scissors differently. They will practice saying "ciseaux" as they work.


Cover a table (or the floor) with a large piece of white paper. Set the cans you previously filled with scissors on it. Show children how they can take a pair of scissors, open it and use a marker to trace its contour. You may have to hold the scissors in place for younger children. Once your paper is filled with "ciseaux", encourage children to color them or draw special designs on the scissors. Hang your banner on a wall to celebrate children learning a new word.


Get children moving by inviting them to move their arms to represent scissor blades. They can also lie on the ground and open and close their legs. This is a great way to get children to move after being seated for an arts & crafts activity.

Patricia-Ann Morrison


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