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Edible apple tree craft

Edible apple tree craft


This colourful apple tree has the power to get children to eat four different vegetables! Depending on their appetite, you may choose to create a single apple tree per child...or a complete apple orchard! You may also adapt the size of each apple tree. For example, if you choose to serve the apple trees as a side dish, you could prepare very small apple trees in salad plates. Of course, with very young children, adapting the presentation or avoiding certain foods may be necessary.


To make this apple tree, I used kitchen scissors to cut a slice of multigrain bread and create a tree trunk. I used the crust since I found the texture interesting.


Next, I simply set a pretty lettuce leaf above the tree trunk.


To add orange-coloured apples, I sliced baby carrots. The yellow apple shapes were cut out of yellow peppers using an apple coring tool. The red apples are halved cherry tomatoes.


Even with very young children, you may prepare all the food items ahead of time and let them assemble their apple tree(s). Take advantage of this activity to discuss the round shape associated with apples and name the foods used.


Without even knowing it, children will have eaten a salad.


If you wish, set a small bowl containing a spoonful of salad dressing next to each child's plate. Children will enjoy dipping their vegetables in it.

Patricia-Ann Morrison


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