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10 activities involving spray bottles

Children enjoy simple activities. We all know they can have fun for hours with the simplest toy in their toy chest. Spray bottles are among the simple things that can lead to a whole lot of fun while helping children build skills that are important for their overall development.


I often use spray bottles to help children develop their fine motor skills. Spraying water with a spray bottle puts little hands to work and helps strengthen the tiny muscles that are in their hands. Pressing and releasing a spray bottle is much like the manipulation of scissors. Spray bottles can therefore help children build scissor skills too. The use of spray bottles can represent an interesting alternative for children who do not enjoy crafts. Here are a few ways you can have fun with spray bottles.


Spray watering cans
Fill a spray bottle with water. Walk around the yard and use the spray bottle to water flowers, plants, and trees.


Painting on a large piece of paper
Stick a large piece of paper on a wall. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and poster paint. Spray the mixture on the paper to create designs.


Erasing chalk
Outside, use chalk to draw on asphalt or on a large homemade outdoor chalkboard. (You can simply apply chalkboard paint on a large piece of wood to create a chalkboard.) Hand children spray bottles filled with water. They can simply spray water on their drawings to see them disappear.


Color sequence
On a large piece of paper hanging on a wall, use spray bottles filled with a mixture of poster paint and water (different colors) to create a color sequence. Invite children to reproduce the same color sequence by spraying the same colors on the paper, in the same order.


Cleaning day
Fill several spray bottles with water and provide rags. Show children how they can spray water on tables, furniture, and toys to clean them. They will love this activity! You can even include it in your task chart.


Gather several dolls with long hair and hairbrushes. Give children spray bottles filled with water. Have them sit the dolls on chairs. They can use the spray bottles to wet the dolls' hair before combing it.


You will need animal figurines and spray bottles filled with water. Set the figurines in a large plastic bin, ideally in your yard. Let children spray the animals with water to clean them. They will enjoy examining them like veterinarians too.


Snow painting
During winter months, fill several spray bottles with a mixture of water and poster paint. Let children spray colourful water on snow in your yard. Their creations will harden if it's very cold outside.


Cooling off during summer
Spray bottles are great for simple water games. Fill them with water and let children spray water on their friends (or themselves) on a hot day.


Sweet dreams potion
Fill a spray bottle with water and add glitter. Decorate the bottle. Before naptime, create a simple ritual where you spray your "sweet dreams potion" around the daycare. Tell children this potion will help them sleep well because it eliminates bad dreams.


Have fun!



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