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Learn how to say "snack" in French

Goal: Learn how to say "snack" in French


**Recommended club documents:

  • Étiquettes-mots géants-La rentrée
  • Outils-Routine visuelle
  • Napperon, couvert
  • Bingo-Alimentation
  • Images à colorier-La rentrée

**To use the documents mentioned above, you must have access to Club Educatout. Educatall Club members can join the French club at a low price.


Suggested activities:

Print the "Étiquettes-mots géants-La rentrée" document. Keep only the word "collation". Stick it on a plastic bin or basket and set it in your circle time area. Add several plastic food items to a second bin or basket and set it next to the other one. During circle time, talk about the many routines that are part of your daily schedule (arrival, free play, naptime, lunch, and snacks). Ask children what they like to eat most at snack time: yogurt, cheese, fruit, vegetables, crackers, muffins, cookies, etc. Once the list is complete, tell them that in French a snack is a "collation". Point to the word flashcard.


You may click on the following link to discover the proper pronunciation of this new word: aee2faa2f3f246e441fe258e84a724ee788f649b.html.


Have fun repeating this new word a few times as a group. Once children are beginning to feel comfortable with its pronunciation, invite them to pick a food item that can be enjoyed at snack time out of your bin or basket and add it to the basket with the word flashcard on it. Of course, have them say "collation" every time. The more plastic food items you have, the longer this activity will last, and the more opportunities children will have to practice saying the new word.


Print the "Outils-Routine visuelle" document. Laminate the cards and set them on the table. With your group, have fun placing the cards according to the order in which the routines occur during the day. There are two "collation" cards, one for the morning snack and one for the afternoon snack. Pay close attention to these two cards. Use them to repeat the new word. Stick Velcro on a large piece of cardboard and behind each card. Every morning, place the cards in the correct order with your group. Have two different children add the "collation" cards each morning to give everyone the chance to practice saying the new word.


Print the "Napperon-couvert" and "Bingo-Alimentation" documents. Cut out the small cards from the bingo game. Children can take turns picking a card that represents a food that can be served as a snack and gluing it in the plate, saying "collation" with each new addition.


For each child, print the third page of the "Images à colorier-La rentrée" document. Encourage them to draw their favorite snack on the table. Once they are all done, invite children to present their favorite "collation" to the group.

Since you serve two different snacks each day, children will have many opportunities to hear and say this new word. For example, before handing children their snack, have them say "collation". You may also let each child serve a snack during the week. As your assistants, have them say "collation" every time they hand another child his snack. What's more, if you have individually wrapped granola bars, apple sauces, yogurts, etc., you could hide them throughout your daycare or in a manipulation bin. Let children find them and have them say "collation" before eating their snack.


Provide many grocery store flyers. Write "collation" at the top of a large piece of paper. Older children can use the word flashcard you used to introduce this new word as a model to write the word for you. Ask children to cut things that can be eaten as a "collation" out of the flyers and stick them on your poster, once again saying "collation" for each new addition. With this exercise, you may even discover new snack ideas. There are so many "collation" possibilities!


Patricia-Ann Morrison



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