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Framed autumn surprise

Framed autumn surprise-1


What could be hiding under this pile of leaves?

1. Gather your material. You will need yellow, orange, red, and green Fun Foam, white glue, fasteners, scissors, leaf-shaped confetti or stickers, a picture of the child, a Styrofoam meat platter, and a hole-punch (not shown).


Framed autumn surprise-2


2. Cut the child's picture to eliminate everything in the background and glue it in the centre of your Styrofoam platter, placed horizontally in front of you. Apply white glue to the contour of the platter and press leaf-shaped confetti in the glue.


Framed autumn surprise-3

3. Cut leaf shapes out of the autumn-coloured Fun Foam. You can use leaf models available in the Educatall Club if you wish. Use the hole-punch to make a hole at the bottom of each leaf.


Framed autumn surprise-4


4. Insert a fastener in the hole at the bottom of each leaf and press the tip of each fastener in the Styrofoam platter to create a pile of leaves that will completely hide the child's picture.


Framed autumn surprise-5


5. Make sure the fasteners are quite loose so children can gently turn the leaves to discover their picture. Hang the frames on a wall, at children's level. They will enjoy hiding and uncovering the pictures throughout your autumn theme.


Framed autumn surprise-6


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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