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Balls are classic toys that can be found in all toy chests. These simple toys have stood the test of time and helped children develop many abilities that are essential for their harmonious development. Whether balls are explored freely or as part of more structured activities, children put their entire body "to work" and acquire new capacities. Give a child a ball and he will without a doubt find a way to play with it.


Balls can be rolled, thrown, and kicked. These are all important abilities that children must develop. In real terms, what can we expect to observe when children play with balls?


Around 1-2 years old, children begin throwing a ball.
Around 2 years old, they can catch a ball with both hands.
Around 2-3 years old, they can kick a ball.
Around 3 years old, they can throw a ball on a target.

Around 3-4 years old, they can catch a ball more easily.
Around 4-5 years old, they can control their throw and their movements are better coordinated and smoother. They can also throw a ball over their shoulder and catch a ball with both hands.


What are the advantages associated with offering balls to the children in your group? Beyond the various developmental competencies, children develop other very important abilities.

  • They improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • The develop body awareness and their perception of space.
  • They develop muscular strength in their shoulders and arms.
  • They work on their gross motor skills.
  • They learn to work as group, to enjoy group activities.

Here are a few ways you can play with balls:

  • Fill a kiddie pool with balls. Children will play in this improvised ball pit for hours. Instinctively, they will throw and catch the balls.
  • Use balls to create a homemade bowling game.
  • Use cones to create a simple obstacle course throughout which children must kick a ball around obstacles.
  • Pretend you are movers. Invite children to carry balls in their arms and set them in a box.
  • Have fun throwing balls inside a box.
  • Use balls for a simple massage activity. Let children manipulate small balls and roll them between their fingers and in their hands.
  • Play musical ball. Children sit in a circle and pass a ball around to the sound of music. When the music stops, the child holding the ball is eliminated.
  • Draw three circles (different sizes) on a large piece of cardboard, one inside the other. Hang your target on a wall. Invite children to throw a ball, aiming for the centre of your target.
  • Organize a ball toss competition. Have children stand on a line and throw a ball as far as they can in front of them. Who threw the ball the farthest?

Have fun!


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