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Learn how to say "forest" in French

Goal: Learn how to say "forest" in French


**Recommended club documents:

  • Affiche thématique-La forêt
  • Étiquettes-mots-La forêt
  • Fiche d'activité-La forêt

**To use the documents mentioned above, you must have access to Club Educatout. Educatall Club members can join the French club at a low price.


Suggested activities:

Print the "Affiche thématique-La forêt » document. With your group, discuss the animals they may see when then go for a walk in the forest. Ask them if they enjoy walking in a forest. Have them describe the trees, the leaves, the smell... Finally, show them the thematic poster and point to the word "forêt". Explain how the word "forêt" means "forest" in French. If possible, have a few plastic tree branches with fabric leaves on hand. Invite children to repeat the new word and hand them a branch to reward their efforts. Once all the branches have been distributed, ask children to raise their arms to represent a "forêt" within your daycare. Keep the branches for other activities.

If you wish, you may click on the following link to hear the new word:


Print the "Étiquettes-mots-La forêt » document. Laminate the document and set it in your computer area. Let each child click on the above link and identify the word "forêt" on your sheet. Reward them by giving them a leaf-shaped sticker they can stick on their hand. If you prefer, draw a tiny tree on their hand using makeup pencils. At the end of the activity, encourage children to press their hands together to form a "forêt". Have them repeat the word together.


Cut the word flashcards and set them in a small brown or green gift bag. Stick the thematic poster used to introduce the new word on the bag. Hang a large white paper banner on a wall within your daycare and draw several tree trunks on it. Remove the leaves from the plastic branches you previously used and set them in a basket in front of your group. Have children take turns picking a word flashcard out of the gift bag. Every time a child picks the word "forêt", let them stick a leaf on your banner as they say the new word. Continue until all the leaves have been added to your banner. Of course, the more leaves you have, the more children will practice saying the word...and the prettier your banner will be. If the children in your group are very young, use only a few word flashcards so they don't get discouraged.


Print the "Fiche d'activité-La forêt » document for each child. Ask children to color the tree per the color code (or as they wish if they are very young). When they are done, have them cut out their tree and add it to your banner as they say "forêt" once more.


Give two plastic tree branches with leaves attached to each child. Play cheerful music and encourage children to dance around your daycare. Every time the music stops, children must remain perfectly still with their arms (and tree branches) above their head to represent a forest. Say "forêt" together before starting the music again. This activity can be repeated many times. It is great for providing children with the opportunity to be active on a cold or rainy day.


Following this activity, show children how they can execute the tree pose (yoga) to help them calm down. Encourage them to try to maintain the pose, telling them you want to see a beautiful "forêt". Congratulate them for their efforts.


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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