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Writing activities and older children

Do you use the writing activities available in the educatall club? I am sure the children in your group appreciate them. In fact, the closer children get to kindergarten, the more they are interested in learning all about letters, writing, and pretending to read. Today, I thought it would be fun to explore different ways you can use writing activity sheets. These simple printable documents have endless possibilities. Here are a few.


Provide tiny stickers. Invite children to press stickers on the dotted letters to trace them.


Letter die

Give each child a writing activity sheet and provide bingo stampers. Children take turns rolling the die to determine how mane colourful dots they may stamp on their writing activity sheet. The first child who completes his/her letter(s) wins.


Finger painting
Use finger paint to trace the letters. This will make tracing the letters much easier and provide a welcome alternative to the traditional pencil-paper duo.


Musical letter game
Print writing activities with large letters. Give one sheet to each child. Play music. While the music plays, children trace one or more letter(s). When the music stops, children trade their writing activity sheet with another child and so on.


I can reproduce letters
Pour flour in a baking sheet or platter. Set a writing activity sheet in front of each child. With their finger, they trace the letters in the flour.


Reusable writing activities
To limit the quantity of paper that children use, laminate your writing activities and have them use dry-erase markers. If you don't have a laminator, simply slide them in clear document protectors.


Print two copies of each writing activity sheet. Cut out the first set of letters. Have children associate identical letters and/or words.


Modeling letters
Use modeling dough to form the letters that are on each writing activity sheet. A simple trick: laminate the writing activities to make removing the modeling dough easier at the end of the activity.


A personalized writing booklet
Print several writing activity sheets for each child. Staple the pages together to create activity booklets children can complete as they wish.

If you are an educatall club member, take advantage of the many writing activities available and have fun writing with your group!


Maude Dubé, Specialized educator


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