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Little Frankenstein

Little Frankenstein-1

This figurine isn't scary at all...

1. Gather your material. You will need a piece of green Fun Foam, a scrap of black Fun Foam, a cotton swab, three green Popsicle sticks, one green pipe cleaner, two wiggly eyes, green modeling dough, a black marker, aluminum paper, white glue and/or hot glue, and scissors.


Little Frankenstein-2

2. Using the green modeling dough, create two feet as shown.


Little Frankenstein-3

3. Cut the cotton swab in half and wrap both pieces in aluminum paper.


Little Frankenstein-4


4. Cut a rectangle out of the green Fun Foam and glue both cotton swab pieces wrapped in aluminum paper on either side, towards the bottom.


Little Frankenstein-5

5. Fold the upper portion of the Fun Foam rectangle down to form a square and glue both parts together. Cut your figurine's bangs out of the black Fun Foam.


Little Frankenstein-6

6. Glue your figurine's bangs at the top of the green square. Add the wiggly eyes just below. Use the black marker to draw a nose, a mouth, and scars on your figurine's face.


Little Frankenstein-7


7. Glue the three Popsicle sticks together to form your figurine's body as shown. Wrap the pipe cleaner around your figurine's waist and fold the ends to represent its arms and hands.


Little Frankenstein-8

8. Glue the head on your figurine's body.


Little Frankenstein-9


9. Press both legs in the modeling dough feet. Your little Frankenstein will stand on its own. Use it to create a variety of Halloween scenarios or simply to decorate your daycare.


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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