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My fiesta lantern

My fiesta lantern-1


Create several lanterns and use them to decorate your daycare.

1. Gather your material. You will need white cardboard, colourful ribbon, colourful Fun Foam strips (dollar store), a hole-punch, scissors, and glue.


My fiesta lantern-2


2. With the white cardboard, form a cylinder. Glue the ends together. Use the hole-punch to make three holes at the top of the cylinder.


My fiesta lantern-3

3. Wrap the Fun Foam strips around the cylinder to represent the folds we normally see on paper lanterns. If you wish, ask older children to create a color pattern. Younger children can simply draw on the cardboard before forming the cylinder if you prefer.


My fiesta lantern-4


4. Cut four pieces of ribbon of the same length. Thread three pieces through the holes at the top of the cylinder and tie a knot. Gather all three ribbon pieces and knot them together. Attach the fourth ribbon and create a loop that can be used to hang your lantern. Curl the ends of the ribbons if you wish.


My fiesta lantern-5


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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