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Christmas tree skirt

Christmas tree skirt-1 


Children will be so proud to set it under their tree.

  1. Gather your material. You will need two large half-circles cut out of white paper, Christmas-themed cookie cutters, Christmas stickers (not shown), red and green poster paint, scissors, white glue and/or hot glue, and very wide Christmas ribbon.

    Christmas tree skirt-2

  2. Glue both half-circles together. Once this is done, cut a circle out of the centre. Also cut a slit in your paper circle so children can slide their tree skirt around the base of their Christmas tree.

    Christmas tree skirt-3

  3. Dip the cookie cutters in red and green poster paint and use them to make prints on the tree skirt. Let dry.

    Christmas tree skirt-4

  4. Add Christmas stickers here and there, among the prints.

    Christmas tree skirt-5

  5. Glue the Christmas ribbon around the outside of the tree skirt. Children will look forward to decorating their Christmas tree and setting their tree skirt under it.

    Christmas tree skirt-6


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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